Artist Michelle Lamb
Narrative is key to the drive and vision behind my work, as well as the means by which to actively engage the viewer.  My recent concentration focuses heavily on assemblage; repurposing found objects altered to fit  my vision while  strategically  allowing a precise and determined amount of their original purpose  or inherent iconography    to influence  the piece.  This typically involves varying degrees of deconstruction, the process of which provides the "plot" for my story. Making 'trash into treasure' is like practicing alchemy and the fact that repurposing may be noble and ethically necessary is secondary to my desire for it's immediacy. Maxed- rather than mixed-media would best  describe my primary discipline,  because I  do both 2D and 3D using a wide range of techniques & mediums. Refusing to be confined to a specific niche has served me well.  Diversity in my art  allows me the greatest freedom to explore a variety of concentrations  and is the key to keeping creative and most importantly,  in feeding my passion for learning and reinventing  myself.

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